Evidence-Based Coaching

My coaching approach was refined over many years to help executives make measurable, impactful, and lasting behavior changes in 5 steps over 6 months.

This is a highly practical approach that integrates multiple goals & metrics – of the executive's organization, of the sponsor (usually the executive’s boss), and of the executive being coached.

Step 1 - Define & Align

  • Meet with client to discuss situation and overall fit
  • Meet with sponsor to clarify outcomes, measures of success, approach, and investment
  • Finalize proposal & agreement
       ▶ Deliverable 1: Coaching Contract - A clearly-defined end state aligned with the client and organization

Step 2 - Gather Data

  • Interviews with 6-8 stakeholders (360 assessment)
  • Client self-assessment session
  • Validate data with client and sponsor
        ▶ Deliverable 2: From-To Change Grid - An explicit definition of current mindsets, behaviors, and results that need to change

Step 3 - Plan for Behavior Change

  • Identify root causes, barriers to change, and what’s been tried before
  • Develop trackable action plan
  • Define needed support resources
        ▶ Deliverable 3: Development Plan - The trackable actions and developmental supports to facilitate needed changes

Step 4 - Facilitate Changes

  • Meet regularly with client to implement plan
  • Track progress, analyze obstacles, integrate lessons learned, adjust plan to maximize impact of coaching
  • Midpoint check with stakeholders (conducted by client)
        ▶ Deliverable 4: Progress Updates - Monthly updates for client and sponsor on progress, obstacles, and lessons learned

Step 5 - Measure & Report Out

  • Client reflects on changes made, insights, next steps
  • Brief check-ins with stakeholders to index changes
  • Document engagement start-to-finish
        ▶ Deliverable 5: Impact Summary - Summary of engagement, changes made, actions completed, business impacts

Sample Clients

I work with a diverse range of leaders across a variety of industries and have the most experience with executives in large organizations.

Specialty Areas

  • Org Transformation - Help leaders lead significant organizational changes
  • Team Development - Help leaders build stronger, more effective teams
  • Collaboration - Help leaders enhance collaboration across organizational boundaries
  • Agile Leadership - Help leaders adopt agile mindsets & best practices
  • Personal Transformation - Help leaders navigate big changes in their lives
  • Performance Coaching - Help leaders address known issues impacting their performance
  • Executive Presence - Help leaders develop a reputation as a strong leader
  • Role Transition - Help leaders execute a significant change in their role or career
  • Interpersonal Skills - Help leaders improve their interpersonal skills
  • Managing Up - Help leaders enhance their relationship with their boss

Sample Client Engagements

  • An executive leading a 4000-person software engineering organization worked with Jimmy over a 6-month period to become more org savvy and earn greater influence with the C-suite while staying true to his personal values and career goals. “I used 3 coaches in 5 years and Jimmy was the best coach I had,” he said.

  • Jimmy worked with a struggling Chief Marketing Officer overseeing the #6 most-visited website in the U.S. to enhance his interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate cross-functionally with peers. His behavior change was immediately visible to all. He is now a CEO and board member of a $16B national retailer.

  • Jimmy helped an SVP in the CEO pipeline at a $125B corporation improve collaboration among his VPs by helping him see how his management style unintentionally drove siloed, independent work and unhealthy forms of internal competition among his direct reports. “I didn’t realize I was undermining the very thing I wanted from them. I now have a clear path forward.”

  • An executive behind the award-winning digital transformation at a leading U.S. healthcare organization was suffering from severe burnout after years of working at a relentless pace. Jimmy quickly helped her reclaim her calendar and restore work-life balance. Her school-age daughters said “I’ve got my mommy back.”

  • After working with Jimmy for 6 months, an EVP and Chief Digital Officer of a $100B iconic American brand said “Jimmy was one of the most influential people in my leadership journey.”